Finnish Clubhouse Coalition represents the 23 Finnish Clubhouses. We work together in building a strong and strategic coalition and to gain an even wider audience for the Clubhouse movement.

What we do:

  • Advocating our Clubhouses nationally and internationally
  • Supporting the Finnish Clubhouses & securing adequate operating conditions for them
  • Developing our Clubhouses and their operations together with the Clubhouses
  • Coordinating the necessary training for the Clubhouses
  • Coordinating the process of the Finnish Clubhouse Strategy development
  • PR and communications, lobbying
  • Multiprofessional and international collaboration
  • Generating beneficial preconditions for founding new Clubhouses in Finland in the 2020s

Inquiries: Executive Director Päivi Lepistö, +35844 238 4802

The coalition’s office is based in Helsinki.

European Clubhouse Conference 2018: What makes our Clubhouse community so special?

Finnish Clubhouse Coalition takes part in international Clubhouse conferences every year. Watch this video to get an idea of what went on at the 2018 European Clubhouse Conference in Aalborg, Denmark! Video: Peppi Laine